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Pod Kits and How They Work

Pod kits are a straightforward alternative to traditional vape kits, gaining popularity among vapers. They function similarly but replace glass tanks with plastic pods, resulting in smaller, more user-friendly kits. The kit’s battery generates power, which is converted into heat by the pod’s coil, vaporising the e-liquid within. If you’re new to pod vaping, our beginner’s guide to pod kits is a helpful resource.

How Pods Differ from Vape Tanks:

Pods and tanks both hold e-liquid and vaporise it, but there are distinctions. Tanks are often interchangeable, using a 510 thread to pair with various vape devices. In contrast, pods are typically designed for specific kits. Tanks are long-lasting, while pods are usually single-use or have limited lifespans. Pod kits prioritise simplicity, size, and discretion, while tank kits tend to be larger and feature-rich.

Prefilled Pods:

Prefilled pods come preloaded with e-liquid, requiring no maintenance. You can replace them when empty. While convenient, they may not be the most economical choice. Prefilled pods are ideal for beginners and first-time switchers.

Refillable Pods:

Refillable pods allow you to use your preferred e-liquid, offering flexibility in flavour and nicotine strength. They are cost-effective but require regular refilling and occasional coil or pod replacement.

Need Assistance with Vape Pods?

To learn more about pod kits, check our pod vape guides. Alternatively, our customer service team is well-versed in pods and vaping and ready to assist you.

Choosing the Right Pod Kit:

Selecting the right pod kit involves more than just prefilled or refillable options. Numerous reputable manufacturers like OXVA and Vaporesso offer quality kits. Consider whether you prefer sub-ohm or MTL (mouth-to-lung) models to find your perfect vape. Kits may also offer features like inhale activation or button activation.

MTL or Sub Ohm?

Beginner vapers typically seek kits that mimic smoking, making MTL pod kits a suitable choice. They produce less vapour and allow cigarette-like inhalation. If you’re transitioning from a high-vapour kit, sub-ohm pod kits offer a smaller option.

Inhale Activated vs. Button Activated?

Pod kits are among the simplest vaping options. Inhale-activated pod kits provide a more natural feel with no buttons or menus, simulating cigarette inhalation. Button-activated kits offer added safety by allowing you to lock the kit when not in use, making them a smoother transition if you’re used to button-operated kits.

How Long Will My Vape Pod Last?

Vape coils and pods require periodic replacement, with the duration between changes influenced by various factors. These factors include device usage, power settings, choice of e-liquid, and other variables that impact their lifespan. Typically, you should replace your coil or pod when you notice a burnt or unpleasant taste in your vape

Best Vape Pod Kit:

Looking for the top pod kit? We thoroughly review every product we offer and provide guides to help you make the right choice.

Best Prefilled Pod Kit:

Prefilled pod kits are often the first vaping experience. Selecting the best one is crucial. These kits eliminate messy maintenance and offer various flavours and nicotine strengths. Check out our Top Prefilled Pod Kits of 2023 for guidance.

Best Refillable Pod Kit:

With numerous refillable pod kit options, it can be overwhelming. Our Top Refillable Pod Kits list highlights kits based on compactness, battery life, and ease of use.