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These disposable vape pens provide the convenience of not having to refill them, and they’re also cheaper than pre-filled cartridges and cigarettes. If you’re not sure what flavour you want to try, or if you want something that can be used on the go, then these are the products for you!

  • Disposable Vapes are a must-have for any vaper who wants an easy way to get their nicotine fix. There are many different flavours and strengths available, so no matter what your preference is there’s something for everyone.
  • Designed to be familiar to smokers, but without the dangerous substances from acetone and tar to carbon monoxide and formaldehyde that comes with smoking cigarettes.

Disposavapes offers a huge selection of disposable vape pods in the UK from top manufacturers like Aroma King, Elf Bar, Lost Mary, Happy Vibes, Element by Klik Klak, Beco, Gold Bar and Zovoo.

Flavours, you can’t get enough of

Tired of the same old flavours? Disposavapes has a wide variety of flavours to suit every taste craving and mood.

The convenience you want

We stock disposable vape pens that come with everything you need. No need to refill expensive equipment or buy refills, just one is all it takes!

Vape pens for every budget

No matter what your budget is, we have a disposable vape pen that’s perfect for you. From one-time use to monthly subscriptions, we have the perfect vape pen for you!