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Klik Klak disposable vapes by Element offer a unique and innovative way to experience the world of vaping. With a range of 10 delicious flavours to choose from, each 2ml device is filled with 20mg of nicotine salt, providing a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. And with the added feature of a seamless magnetic design on each device, the possibilities for flavour combinations are endless.

Simply click two Klik Klak bars together to experience a new and exciting blend of flavours. Whether you’re a new vaper looking for a convenient and easy-to-use option, or an experienced vaper looking for a backup device, Klik Klak disposable vapes by Element offer the perfect solution.

The compact and lightweight design makes them perfect for on-the-go vaping, and with no need for charging, refilling, or changing coils, they are the ultimate in hassle-free vaping.

And with 55 possible flavour combinations to explore, you’ll never get tired of the taste. Experience the freedom of flavour with Klik Klak disposable vapes by Element.


Klik Klak Aloe Grape: A perfect blend of sweet purple grape and cool aloe for a refreshing taste. 
Klik Klak Blue Sour Raspberry: A balanced combination of sweet and sour berry flavours for a satisfying vape.
Klik Klak Ice: A simple yet satisfying flavour of cool ice and sweet notes for a crisp taste. 
Klik Klak Passion: A bold and juicy flavour of exotic passionfruit for a fruity vaping experience. 
Klik Klak Peach Ice: A perfect balance of ripe peach flavour and menthol for a refreshing taste.
Klik Klak Pineapple: A true-to-taste recreation of sweet and tangy pineapple flavour. 
Klik Klak Raspberry Lemonade: A tangy soda blend capturing the sharp taste of classic lemonade.
Klik Klak Super Sour: A secret blend of fruits for a sharper vape with sour notes and a juicy taste. 
Klik Klak Tropical Fruit: A blend of sweet and tart fruits for a juicy aftertaste. 
Klik Klak Watermelon: A tropical flavour of sweet watermelon with a juicy taste.

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and premium flavour with Klik Klak disposable vapes. Made with high-quality e-liquids from Element, these devices offer a diverse range of delicious flavours in a convenient, easy-to-use format. No need for recharging, refilling, or coil changes – simply dispose of the device when it’s empty and switch to a new one. Perfect for new vapers or as a backup option for your everyday vaping kit.

Mix and match your favourite Klik Klak disposable vape flavours with ease by connecting two devices together using the magnets on the side. Double your puffs and enhance your vaping experience by experimenting with different flavour combinations. Save even more with our special deal of 3 for £12 and never run out of your go-to vape flavor again.

Each Klik Klak vape is packed with 2ml of top-quality e-liquid, providing a long-lasting vaping experience that can last up to 600 puffs. With an equivalent usage to at least 20 cigarettes per device, you’ll get more for your money while enjoying a smoother throat hit. When the device stops producing vapour or you notice a slight burnt taste, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Upgrade your vaping experience and try out Klik Klak disposable vapes today.

With Klik Klak’s unique magnetic design, you can easily connect two devices together for a double dose of flavour. Some popular flavour combinations include Tropical Fruit and Ice for a refreshing and exotic blend, or Super Sour and Passion for a balance of sweet and sharp notes. With 55 different flavour combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Give it a try and find your perfect combination!

Experience the best of both worlds by combining two Klik Klaks to create a 4ml disposable vape with 55 unique flavor options to choose from. Great alone, even better together!
Upgrade your vaping game with Klik Klak disposable vapes from Element, offering a perfect balance of convenience and premium flavor in every puff.

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Aloe Grape, Blue Sour Raspberry, Ice, Passion, Peach Ice, Pineapple, Raspberry Lemonade, Super Sour, Tropical Fruit, Watermelon


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